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About Teleo

Teleo is a one stop integrated solution provider for foreign domestic workers employment agencies. Starting from the pick up of a foreign domestic worker, through required medical tests at our clinic up to coordination of attendance of legally required tests for the first time FDWs and deployment to the employment agency, we are the right hand to above 350 FDWs employment agencies in Singapore.


  1. First clinic in Singapore to provide complex medical and coordination services for the legally required procedures for FDWs on behalf of employment agencies
  2. One stop solution provider for entry requirements for first time FDWs' in Singapore: pick up, medical tests, arrangement of attendance of legally required Entry tests and Safety Awareness Course (SAC), boarding house with accommodation facilities for FDWs, documents management
  3. Customized service packages to suit needs of various FDWs employment agencies
  4. Modern integrated web based management system to assist the quick registration and processing of FDWs on a daily basis allows us to deliver quick, quality and on time
  5. Close cooperation with training provider for tests preparation and training of foreign workers



Teleo launches new website

Teleo is launching new website in September 2010. Any valuable feedback on its design and content is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Exclusive partnership with Grace Management Consulting for maids training & education

Teleo has announced a close exclusive cooperation with Grace Managment & Consultancy Services Pte Ltd to further enhance quality and scope of services provided to Singaporean employment (maid) agencies.

GMC provides high standards services in Competency based training and assessment for hotel accommodation and domestic household industries.


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